Welcome to YouTube Karaoke

YouTube Karaoke is a collection of flash music videos and lyrics. As the name implies a lot of our original content came from YouTube. Unfortunately, due to Google's increasing censorship of YouTube, we now have to get our content from a variety of different places. The idea is that you press play, scroll to the lyrics, sing and be merry. Alcohol and audience are optional! To request a video email us (see sidebar).
Some of the sharper members of our audience have noticed that if you scroll and sing you lose sight of the video. If this bugs you that much feel free to just enjoy the videos instead of scrolling!
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Welcome to YouTube Karaoke

About this Blog:
YouTube Karaoke is a collection of music videos and lyrics. The idea is that you press play, scroll to the lyrics, sing and be merry. Alcohol and an audience are optional!

Request a Music Video:
If you would like to request a music video please either leave a comment or email us: youtubekaraoke(at)gmail.com

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that your request will be included but we'll definitely consider it.

YouTube Karaoke entries are based on open-source material from YouTube, Dailymotion and Wikipedia.

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Please note that YouTube Karaoke may occasionally include sponsored entries. We will endeavour to write all sponsored entries in a tone which reflects our true opinion of the subject - advertisers please be aware of this before you submit your proposal. Sponsored entries will always include the words 'advertisement' or 'sponsored post'. We hope that these posts do not detract from your enjoyment of our other posts.