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Things Can Only Get Better - D:Ream

"Things Can Only Get Better" is a popular song by D:Ream.

The song took several months to reach the top of the UK singles chart. Originally a club hit, pop success took much longer for the song, initially it reached #24 on the singles chart in January 1993. Band member Al Mackenzie left later that year and remaining member Peter Cunnah took the band in a more pop friendly direction. Things Can Only Get Better was remixed and became an instant hit spending four weeks at number one in January 1994.

In 1997 the track had the dubious distinction of being adopted by the UK Labour Party as their theme for the 1997 UK General Election. On the back of this use it returned to the chart reaching #19 in May 1997.

Scroll and Sing:
You can walk my path
You can wear my shoes
Let her talk like me
And be an angel too

But maybe
You ain't never gonna feel this way
You ain't never gonna know me
But I know you...
Teach you now that

Things can only get better
Can only get, can only get
They get on from here
You know, I know that
Things can only get better

I sometimes lose myself in me
I lose track of time
And I can't see the world's formed trees
You set them alight, burning the bridges as you go
I'm too weak to fight you
I got my personal health to deal with
And you say

Walk my path
Wear my shoes
Talk like me
I'll be an angel and

Things can only get better
Can only get better
Now I've found you
(That means me)
(Will you teach me now)
Things can only get better
Can only get better
Now I've found you

And you and you...
You... show me prejudice and greed
You show me how
I must learn to deal with this disease
I look at things now
In a different light than I did before
I found the cause
And I think that you could be my cure
And you say

Walk your path
Wear your shoes
Talk like that
I'll be an angel too


Things can only get, can only get
Things can only get, can only get
Things can only get, can only get
Things can only get, can only get


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