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Search For The Hero - M People

Bizarre Fruit is the third album by British house music band M People.

The album's two most popular singles were "Sight for Sore Eyes", which reached #6 in the UK Singles Chart and "Search for the Hero", which peaked at #9 on the same chart.

Scroll and Sing:
Sometimes the river flows but nothing breathes.
A train arrives but never leaves.
It's a shame.
Oh life - like love that's walked out of the door
of being rich or being poor.
Such a shame.
But it's then, then that faith arrives
to make you feel at least alive.
And that's why you should keep on aiming high,
just seek yourself and you will shine.

You've go to search for the hero inside yourself,
search for the secrets you hide.
Search for the hero inside yourself
until you find the key to your life.

In this life, long and hard though it may seem,
live it as you'd live a dream.
Aim so high.
Just keep the flame of truth burning bright.
The missing treasure you must find
because you and only you alone
can build a bridge across the stream.
Weave your spell in life's rich tapestry -
your passport to a field supreme.


Search inside yourself. (You've got to search) x2

(Chorus x2)

You've got to.
(Search inside yourself) x3


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