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Chain Reaction - Steps

"Chain Reaction" is a song by Diana Ross, written by the Bee Gees, who also provided the backing vocals for the single. The track was released on the album Eaten Alive in 1985 and as a single the following year.

In 2001, British pop group Steps covered "Chain Reaction". The song reached #2 in the UK.

The first scene we see is two paramedics lifting a patient on a stretcher out of the back of an ambulance and take him inside the hospital. We first see Claire starting the song and then Faye sings. Then we get to see the band members together. We soon realize that H is the patient and gets up and starts singing. Then Lisa sings her part. Finally, we see the whole group singing featuring two men playing the drums. In the makings of Chain Reaction, it was said that H wanted to be on stetcher so he didn't have to move around.

Scroll and Sing:
You took a mystery and made me want it
You got a pedestal and put me on it
You made me love you outta feeling nothing
Something that you do

And I was there not dancing with anyone
You took a little then you took me over
You set your mark on stealing my heart away
Crying, trying, anything for you

I'm in the middle of a chain reaction
You give me all the after midnight action
I, I wanna get you where I can let you make all that love to me
I'm on a journey for the inspiration
To anywhere and there ain't no salvation
I need you to get me nearer to you
So you can set me free

We talk about love, love, love
We talk about love
We talk about love, love, love
We talk about love

You make me tremble when your hand moves lower
You taste a little then you follow slower
Nature has a way of yielding treasure
Pleasure made for you

You gotta plan, your future is on the run
You shine a light for the whole world over
You never find your love if you hide away
Crying, dying, all you gotta do is

Get in the middle of a chain reaction
You get a medal when you're lost in action
I, I wanna get your love all ready for the sweet sensation
Instant radiation
You let me hold you for the first explosion
You get a picture of our love in motion
My arms will cover, my lips will smother you
No more left to say

We talk about love, love, love
We talk about love

Let me hold you for the first explosion
Arms will cover you
All you gotta do


All you gotta do is


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