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Heartbeat - Steps

"Heartbeat / Tragedy" was the fourth single released by British pop group Steps. "Heartbeat", written by Jackie James was the first ballad released as a single by the group. The video for "Tragedy", originally a hit by the Bee Gees, contained the dance step of putting both hands parallel to the sides of the head in time with the word 'Tragedy', which arguably became a trademark of the group. Unusually for the UK Singles Chart in the late 1990s, the single moved up and down the top 10 for several weeks before reaching number 1. "Heartbeat / Tragedy" sold more copies than all three previous Steps singles combined and spent a total of thirty weeks in the charts.

The video for "Heartbeat" is set in snowy surroundings. It begins with Steps riding a sleigh while an evil Ice Queen has her sights set on H; she is watching an image of on the tiny pond in her throne room. The group are staying in a lodge, and H goes out back to fetch some wood for the fire. The Ice Queen decides that this is the time to strike, and she sends her three miniature guards to kidnap H. They jump H, and the Ice Queen casts a spell, knocking him out. By the time H wakes up, he is in the back of their sleigh. The rest of the group come out and find H is missing, finding only a little sword carried by one of the guards. On skis and snowmobiles, they set off the rescue H. Along the way to the Ice Queen's castle, they stop at a barn, finding absolutely nothing. Arriving at the castle, they break into the throne room where H is tied up in the middle of the frozen pond. Faye, Lee, and Claire easily take care of the guards (while H is busy freeing himself), and Lisa defeats the Ice Queen with a karate kick to the chin. The group then return to the lodge for a Christmas party.

Scroll and Sing:
Here I am just longing for you once again,
If your arms would only let me in,
You'd see the mess I'm in,
I have dreamed your heart will come and rescue me,
Oh baby set me free,
Only your love can win,

You are only a heartbeat away,
Baby and my love one day will find you it will remind you,
When it comes your way oh when it comes your way.

Here I am my heart in the palm of your hand,
Your every wish is my command,
Darling understand,
If I live a lie,
Then all my dreams are doomed to die,
Oh baby just let me try,
To have my heart's desire.

You are only a heartbeat away,
Baby and my love one day will find you it will remind you,
When it comes your way oh when it comes your way,
Ooh but my feelings are in vain,
Just like feelings they won't go away,
My love remains,
In my heart we'll always stay.

You are only a heartbeat away baby,
And my love one day will find you,
It will remind you,
When it comes your way oh when it comes your way,
You are always in my heart to stay baby,
Love comes once in a lifetime,
I think its high time,
Our hearts beat as one,
Our hearts beat as one.

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